How To Use Chroma Key In Kinemaster – A Comprehensive Guide

General Introduction About The Chroma Key In Kinemaster

Chroma Key in Kinemaster is a widely used, preferable, and impressive feature. It is the number of editors downloading the Kinemaster due to this feature. It is not false, so apply the Chroma Key in any of your desired projects, and now you have several background and screen choices in the color scheme.

If you are a professional video editor, you must know that adding a green background to a video or image is the priority of everyone, and it is most likely all over the world. The good news is that you can add a green background to your video using the chroma key. Due to this reason, people called it the Green Screen. But here, I clarify that adding a green background in the videos is unnecessary.

How to use chroma key in kinemaster - Chroma Key In Kinemaster

Instead, you can choose any you want or which is most suitable for your content. Furthermore, you must add a Kinemaster with a Chroma Key in Kinemaster to picture your thoughts in reality. So, if you are interested in using these features, stay connected with us. Below, we tell you how to use the Chroma Key in Kinemaster with a green screen, the Chroma Key Kinemaster Without a Green Screen, the Kinemaster Chroma Key enables, and many more.

What Is The Significance Of The Chroma Key?

This question arises in several people’s minds: why is the Chroma Key fundamental? If you have this question, then do not worry. We will clear up your confusion. Here are some points proving why Chroma Key in Kinemaster is significant for video editing. These positive points are:

With the help of the Chroma key, you can make friendly shootings and videos. Instead of managing the shoot area, arranging backgrounds, and set designing, you can easily do all these editings through the Chroma key. Moreover, professionals first set the green screen with accurate color, then locate it where they want.

In Addition to the above, Chroma Key in Kinemaster is also very favorable for organizing live videos on platforms like Zoom.

Using the Chroma Key, you can quickly and comfortably alter the video and image backgrounds. This feature is available in the Kinemaster all-in-one app and the Google Play store.

After the completion of editing, if you want to enhance the quality of the video, then you must polish and shine the video with the Chroma Key.

The Chroma Key on the Kinemaster allows everyone to make their imaginations real through videos. It means you can create or edit the project exactly as you thought or want to publish.

What Is The Procedure For Using The Chroma Key?

If you are interested in using the Kinemaster Chroma Key, then you must follow the mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, if everything is clear, you must choose the smaller clips for editing. Moreover, if your video already has a green background, that’s good; otherwise, add the Chroma Key Green Screen.
  • Secondly, you need to move to your device’s gallery. If any videos or images are available with a green background, import them.
  • After that, you need to click on the layer button. But here I clarify: you must import and apply the green background as a single or separate layer. Moreover, I want to say this Green Layer is the added or extra layer, but it does not count as an original layer of the project.
  • What do next? Go to the Chroma Key icon in Kinemaster in the App and click on it.
  • After that, click for Kinemaster Chroma Key Enable, which means the tool is ready.
  • You must choose the Chroma Key colors most suitable for your videos. Sometimes, the Kinemaster App automatically offers the most compatible. It is a key color, but you choose which one you want to add.
  • After completing the abovementioned steps, you can show the mask. Here, the question arises: what is a show mask’s benefit? If you want to enhance the visualization of the subject, then you must use these tools. It indeed makes the video influential. Moreover, with the black and white contrast colors, you understand the subject well.
  • The next step is the management of the mask. For this purpose, you need to use the foreground and background cutting sliders. It makes the whole background completely black, and the subject colors are entirely white, so it helps engage and focus on the main subject.
  • After that, you must utilize the detailed curve. Remember that this detail curve is for those who are only somewhat comfortable and satisfied with their edits and outcomes. In contrast, if you have self-satisfaction, don’t use it.

You can download the Kinemaster Green Screen video on your device by following the abovementioned steps. The question that comes to many people’s minds is whether the Chroma Key in Kinemaster is only used for adding a green background.

Of course, this advanced and latest app feature is not limited to background alterations. Instead, you can do several other animations like adding effects and images, making motion graphical videos, and many more.

How To Change The Background In Kinemaster With A Green Screen?

Select Right Green Color - Chroma Key In Kinemaster

Must Select The Right Green Color

The selection of the right green colors is significant, so you must use the best color instead of the colors that cause reflection and result in you not getting a good result.

Adjustment of green screen - Chroma Key In Kinemaster

Adjustment Of Green Screen Region

Before creating, you must ensure the green screen is free of marks and creases. Moreover, make sure you design the green background in a lit area with sufficient lights and is free from any dark spots and shadows, making the video terrible and full of errors.

Light Adjustment - Chroma Key In Kinemaster

Light Adjustments

You can adjust the lights at three points to get better results. The position of the lights is managed as one light is focused on the main subject while the second light is the green screen or background. The third light is adjusted as the fill-up any shade.

How You Can Download The Kinemaster with Chroma Essential Quality

Chroma Key in Kinemaster is undoubtedly the most modified and latest technology in the Kinemaster Application. The support team questions most Kinemaster users about Kinemaster Chroma Key not showing. And No Chroma Key option in Kinemaster? No worries if you have the same question. If you want to modify your videos using the Chroma Key Feature, download the Latest Version of Kinemaster.

Several people are also asking if the Chroma Key is free in Kinemaster. So here I clarify: in the free version of the app, you won’t get the facility of the Chroma Key. Hence, people using the accessible version of Kinemaster cannot utilize the Chroma Key in Kinemaster feature in their videos. It means you must pay some amount to use this feature. You can comfortably and efficiently buy it from the Google Play Store.

In addition to this, you can also download the app from our website efficiently. The pro and mod versions of the Kinemaster facilitate the users with hundreds of unique and adoring features and tools; the most significant point is that Chroma Keys are found in them.


This blog will be beneficial for you. By reading the whole blog, you know well about using the Chroma Key, its downloads, the Chroma Key in Kinemaster critical setting, and many more. This technology has been popular and likable for many years due to its innovative and viewer-catching projects.

Moreover, if we say the Chroma Key in Kinemaster is versatile, that is not false. I think so. This is a necessary tool for the best video production in every era. Users of Kinemaster are raised due to the benefits of Chroma Key; it is budget and time-friendly, so why do you wait? If you want to build up your career as a videographer, download the app on your device. Thanks.


Yes, Kinemaster offers the Green Screen background in the Chroma Key feature. Use and create a professional video.

The Kinemaster Chroma Key perfectly works on all devices, whatever it is, and period and iOS worry about it.

Yes, the Kinemaster is supportive of any minor or smaller clips.

Yes, Kinemaster is compatible with Chroma Key for editing and creating videos. Moreover, you can add a Kinemaster Green Screen in your video and give.

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