How To Use Kinemaster Handwriting – A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction About The Kinemaster Handwriting

If you want to create handwritten notes, text designing, and your signature, then the feature of Kinemaster Handwriting is best for you. Moreover, after designing the handwritten creations, you can easily copy them and share them with any social media platform and with your loved ones.

Here, the question comes to mind: what is the reason behind this or the primary purpose of Handwriting In Kinemaster? No worries, I will give you a clear answer. The only purpose and aim behind this Kinemaster feature is to get the public’s attention at a certain point or specific region of the video.

Furthermore, to reach the quality of the video, you can use other features and tools of the Kinemaster, like color pointers, brushes, and many more. If we talk about the brushes, then Kinemaster offers a variety of brushes to app users. What types of these brushes, and what are the differences between these brushes? Mainly trendy and widely used brushes are five in number.

Moreover, these brushes are likable and widely used because of their different shape. It means each brush has a unique style of writing and creating text. Using these entire colors and catchy brushes, you can easily highlight any of the video regions you want to be more prominent in front of the public than other video content. If you want to get the public’s focus on the video’s central theme, you can easily do it using these brushes.

The question comes to mind: how do you use these brushes? There are a variety of options available in the app for brush usage. You can use these as a square, stroke, and cross
manner. Can I edit the brush if some things could be improved? Yes, the eraser is available. You can remove the brush color from the screen by using this eraser.

What Is The Procedure For Using Kinemaster Handwriting?

The use of Handwriting In Kinemaster is simple and esay. If you want to do that in your videos, follow the below steps.

  • First, you must select the brush, so tap on the screen for brush visualization.
  • After the taping, all the brushes are visible on the screen, so choose the desired brush from here.
  • Move your finger upward and downward over the screen to manage the brush height.
  • You must use two fingers to move color markers all over the device’s screen or video.
  • You can drag the minor circles all over the screen using your fingertips.
  • You can alter the size of the circle with the movement of your fingertips.
  • If you want to rotate the markers over the screen according to requirements and personal preference, use two fingers for this creation.
  • To adjust the brushes’ transparency, you must use the right and left buttons on the screen, which are available just below the display area.
  • After successfully selecting all browsers, move from the screen’s start to the ending point with your finger.
  • If you want to reverse or back any alterations, don’t worry; click on the button, which is available in the top right corner of the app’s display.
  • Save your video when you are satisfied with your drawing and editing. The save button is available at the bottom of the display. The next step is doing other alterations to the video, which you can do after completing the above drawing.
  • After that, you can add your desired text to the image or picture. Moreover, to unclick this editing, go to the app’s menu and click on the undo button.
  • After editing, you can share this video on any social media platform or with your loved ones.

Following all the steps mentioned, you can use and benefit from the Kinemaster Handwriting in your video editing.

What Are The Benefits Of Kinemaster Handwriting?

You can give a distinctive and customized touch to your videos.

You can convey your central idea of the video in a better way.

It’s a source of enhancing the watcher’s engagement in the video.


The feature of Kinemaster Handwriting is undoubtedly a good increment in your video quality. In addition to this, this feature makes the videos more watcher engaging than without utilizing this feature. So, to create charming and captivating videos using the Kinemaster, you must try Kinemaster Handwriting.

Using Kinemaster Handwriting in your videos significantly increases the quality, view, engagement, and content. In conclusion, to create an authentic and professional video, use the Kinemaster Handwriting. This blog is helpful for you. Thanks.


Of course, you can use and add your Handwriting to the Kinemaster.

The procedure is simple: write the text on plain paper, then take a photograph and import the image on the screen. By doing this, you can add your text to the videos.

The answer is Yes. You can competently use Kinemaster Handwriting for commercial motives.

First of all, open the project which you want to edit. Now tap on the project so tools are shown; from here, you move to Handwriting. You can easily find all the brushes, pens, paint, and erasers in this section.

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