How To Add Music to Kinemaster – 3 Effortless Steps

Choosing the right or best application for video editing is very important. Today’s blog tells you how to add music to Kinemaster. If you are looking for the best procedure to add audio to video in Kinemaster through your iPhone, iPad, chrome, etc, then you are precisely at the right place. Below, we describe the detailed method of adding the sound in the video via a Kinemaster.

Here, we are clear that the Kinemaster software is proven ideal for newcomers who are video editing or adding sound to a video. Moreover, the app’s performance is highly standardized to create short events videos like birthday celebrations, conferences, short tutorials, wedding highlights or anniversaries, etc.

In addition, the most beneficial point of the app is that it is super easy and comfortable to use. Working efficiently makes everyone happy and satisfied with them.

How Do I Add The Music To Kinemaster?

No matter your device, you can use this procedure to add music to Kinemaster-created videos. Most people are questioned to support the team on how to add music to Kinemaster on iPhone, how to add music to Kinemaster on Chromebook, how to add music to Kinemaster on iPad, etc. The answer is the same for all: follow the below-mentioned steps and add the desired track in the video.

Firstly, you need to download the Kinemaster app on your device. If the app is already on your device, open it to the Kinemaster Mod Apk Latest Version. You will see the options for creating a new project or editing the existing one here. Moreover, if you edit the existing video, move to the media section.

Start the editing. Choose the video or image for this purpose and click the audio icon. After clicking, you automatically move to your phone’s gallery for the device. Here, you select the chosen edited video, and for further editing, click on the right corner where the option to add the video to a project is available. After that, the step of adding Music begins, and it’s completed in the following steps:

Steps For Adding Music In Kinemaster

Click On The Audio Icon For The Best Audio

Now, look at how to add background music in Kinemaster. Here, you need to select the one thing you want to apply the customer track in your video or choose the audio available in the media file.

Click On The Audio Menu In The Media Section For Music Importation

After completing the first step, it is time for sound importation. To fulfill this purpose, click the audio option on the media panel. Moreover, from here, choose the music which you want to add. How do you do that? In the media file, the sign + and _ is visible, so when you select the music file, tap on the plus sign after the music is added to the video. After applying the music, click the okay right icon to save the changes.

Final Steps

It is time to make your video highly accurate by adjusting the changes or alterations. Moreover, at that time, you can add your desired audio filter. After adding the audio, you can adjust its pitch and soper your video’s demands. Furthermore, you can also set this audio to video as background video music. Instead of that, you can shorten the video from its original length.

The abovementioned three steps give you the answer to your question about how to audio to Kinemaster. No doubt, by following these simple steps, you can add your desired audio to video by using any device, iPad, PC, Phone, etc.

In contrast, you can add your voice to the video by directly recording audio in Kinemaster. However, if you want to know If you want to know about adding Spotify music and a detailed procedure, then you go for how to add Spotify music to Kinemaster. Thanks.

Conclusion – How To Add Music To Kinemaster

In Conclusion, How To Add Music To Kinemaster is undoubtedly the superb quality and most sturdy video editing application for Android and iOS users. If you are an iOS user, you may want to download Kinemaster for iOS. I doubt, by using its feature, you can create such a cinnamic view video with 100% accuracy. Moreover, following the steps mentioned above, you can easily add the desired track or send in your video to make it more attractive.

Whether you are experienced or fresh, Kinemaster is welcome because if it’s a super easy interface, do you stay away from this perfect video editor? If you want or need to download this app’s latest and old versions, you can download Kinemaster’s old version to access a wide range of features. Download the app on your device and make impressive videos.

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