How To Fix Kinemaster Unsupported File Format – Troubleshooting And Tips

Today’s blog is related to the Kinemaster unsupported file format. Kinemaster is undoubtedly a super sturdy and fantastic app for Android and iOS users. The edited videos through the Kinemaster look like any professional editor edits them because it gives a cinematic look to videos.

Moreover, the availability of various catchy and astonishing features like multiple overlays, transitional effects, tools, themes, and background sound library makes the app versatile and all in one. In addition, the most advantageous point is that you can comfortably edit the video using your mobile phone.

Kinemaster file format - Kinemaster Unsupported File Format

This means you do not need to carry a heavy laptop of tabs for editing; instead, you can do it just by using your handy handphone. In today’s busy world, everyone wants to download and send files efficiently without facing any errors. To fulfill this purpose, the Kinemaster plays a significant role.

No doubt everybody is frustrated by the error when they start downloading the video or at the end when the downloading is almost complete. When you lack a downloading folder, then most commonly, two types of text are visible on the screen.

Here, the question comes to mind: what are these two texts? Yes, most people receive files that need to be opened and supported in format. Are you also frustrated because of these errors and want to fix them? Then don’t worry. You are strictly at the right place. Below, we explain to you the complete procedure of how to fix unsupported video formats on Android and how you can fix these errors on other devices. If you are interested, then get in touch with us throughout the blog.

Glance At Supportive File Formats

The positive point is that the Kinemaster application is available in both the app and Google Play stores, and on this website, the user can easily access the application; if you get the latest and updated version, consider the Latest Version of Kinemaster Mod Apk. This means you can download the app from any store on your device. Moreover, this super fantastic app supports various audio and video formats, which are most widely used all over the globe.

Supportive Video Formats

  • MP3
  • 3GP
  • MOV

Supportive Audio Formats

  • WAV
  • AAC
  • M4AMP3

Supportive Image Formats

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WEBP

How To Fix The Kinemaster Unsupported File Format Problems?

The problem of Kinemaster Unsupported File Format occurs mainly when you try to open the downloading file on your device. If it is unsupportive, it cannot open the downloaded file. So, as a result, you cannot work through them.

unspported File - Kinemaster Unsupported File Format

The question arises in the mind of everyone: how can we fix this problem? No worries, I will tell you the solution. First, you must check the supportive file formats before downloading the application. If you know the supportive formats, you automatically fix this issue.

To open the unsupportive file format, you need to use a third-party application for the Kinemaster Unsupported File Format conversation to the supported file format.

Here, the question comes to mind: what third-party converters do we use?? Various third-party converters are available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Fix The Issue By Using The Kinemaster

This fixing procedure is completed in the following steps.

First, open the Kinemaster application and then move to its settings.

Now scroll down; the advanced and permanent setting options are here. So click on it and then click on the continue button.

After that, increase the frame rate to more than 30fps.

The issue is fixed at that time, but if it remains unfixed, then again toggle and turn it on to infinite video layer modes.

Fix By Using The External Converter

  • First and most importantly, check the device’s supportive formats. You can get this information from the settings of your device. After that, check how much resolution your device provides and how many layers it can support and tackle simultaneously.
  • After knowing that you convert the video in the supportive resolution power of Kinemaster, it is up to you which converter you use for this purpose. It may be an online free converter or a specifically designed converter.
  • After that, select the video whose format you want to change in the tool and then alter it into the best resolution that works well.
  • Put the converted file in the Kinemaster application on your device in the final step.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

To resolve this problem, open the app and go to its settings. The settings give permissions to the app to all media files. After that, if the app problem is not fixed, delete and reinstall the app. Moreover, you can also clean the app cache, app-stored data, and app-attached cookies.

The formats not open after the app download are called unsupported formats. The blog mentions the procedure for opening these formats, which is undoubtedly hopeful for you.

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