Kinemaster Shake Effect Download – Complete Guide

Kinemaster shake effect download offers a different view of your video and unique work. No doubt, video editor owners provide this feature after getting many subscriptions, which is expensive. But the good news is that the Kinemaster Application, which is undoubtedly super sturdy and well-designed, offers you shake effects for video editing.

In our blog today, we provide details about the shake effect of Kinemaster, like how to add the shake effect in Kinemaster and many more. Moreover, I will also provide a Kinemaster Shake Effect Download link from here. If you want a Kinemaster Shake Effect download, you can download it from the link below. The good news is that Shake Effect Downloads are free here; you don’t need to spend any money downloading.

If you want to use this effect, you’ll need the latest version, and for an enhanced experience, you should consider the gold version as well. If you want to enjoy this premium version, go for the Kinemaster Gold APK. You can quickly access the Kinemaster Shake Effect download on your device.

How To Add Shake Effect In Kinemaster (Complete Guidline)

If you want to add the Kinemaster Shake Effect Download to their video, follow the simple and easy steps below.

video importation - Kinemaster shake effect download

Video Importation In The App

First, you need to open the Kinemaster app on your device and then import the video into the app for editing. Remember that you can add any desired videos you want to edit or where you want to add the shake effect. To fulfill this step, you need to tap on the media button, which is available at the bottom of your device screen. After that, choose the video you want to edit from your phone or laptop gallery.

video cropping or splitting - kinemaster shake effect download

Video Cropping Or Splitting

At that time, splitting the video into two halves was necessary. Moreover, now select the point or part of the video where you want to add the shake effect. After selecting the point, tap on the split icon, which is available in the toolbar just above the timeline. By doing this, your video is divided into sections.

add shake effect - kinemaster shake effect download

It’s Time To Add The Shake Effect

After completing the above steps, you need to add the shake effect to the video, so choose the second portion and then select the shake button. By this, you can apply the shake and move effect in the videos using the Kinemaster. The same procedure is applied to the rest of the video to add the shake effect.

adjustment of shake effect - kinemaster shake effect download

Adjustment Of Shake Effect

Adjusting the shake effect is necessary for the video accuracy and achievement of the desired look. For the procedure, tap on the effect in the timeline. As you tap, the setting options are visible on the screen. Here, you can manage the intensity and duration of the effect by choosing the sliders. In addition to this editing, you can also set the direction of the effect applied. For this purpose, you can select the effect in all directions, like upward, downward, left, and right sides.

video exporatation - kinemaster shake effect download

Video Exportation

If you are delighted with the editing and application of shake effects, it is time for video exportation, which means sharing and saving on the device. To fulfill this step, click on the export button at the top—the right corner of your displayed screen. Moreover, you have various options for saving the files at that time. So you can save it in any of the desired sizes and resolutions and export it.

Best Tips For Adding The Shake Effect

If you want the best work, we give tips below for perfectly and beautifully adding shake effects.

General Shake

The primary shake in which the video looks like the camera is moving from its position duration creation.

Vertical Shake

If you want a vertical movement of an object in the video, use this shake. Moreover, this effect is intensely focused on a particular action.

Horizontal shake

On the other hand, if you want horizontal movement, apply the Horizontal shake. It creates a specific flow in the video.

Radial Shake

Add the radial shake effect if you want to give circular or round movement in the video. Moreover, this effect is also used for focusing on a specific action or object.

Zoom And Shake

In this effect, two functions happen simultaneously: zooming of the video and shaking simultaneously. So, use this shake to give a more dynamic and modifying look.

Smooth Shake

If you want to add the plan smooth shake, then utilize this shake effect, which is very helpful for adding the scene to the video flow.

High Shake

Use this effect if you want to show too much exaggerated movement in the video. Moreover, this effect is mainly used to create the video’s charm, comedy, and excitement.

Final Word – Kinemaster Shake Effect Download

After reviewing the blog, you will understand the nature of the shake effects available in Kinemaster and how to use the Shake Effects in Kinemaster. If you want to know how to add transitions in a video, go for the How to add transitions in Kinemaster guide. So you must download the app and Shake Effect Kinemaster to create unique, adoring, memorable videos for your viewers. Thanks.

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